An Association of Keralite Muslims in UK



A Committed Effort

Starting as an informal family gatherings for Eid and Iftaar in 1998, Keralite Muslim Community in UK formed MMCWA (Malayalee Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association) in 2004 as a UK registered Charity with registration number 1110774 with an aim to provide  social, religious and cultural support to their community, giving special attention to the needs of youngsters who needed guidance and support to understand their religious and cultural roots at the same time integrating well into the social structure of Great Britain.

MMCWA is working towards a better social and religious life for the Malayalee Muslim Community in UK. We are constantly trying to organise events which will meet aspirations of our community...more

We now have a D1 Commercial Property in London where we plan to organise regular educational activities for the Community. Please support in every way you can.

For you - forever

Our aim is to give every opportunity for our community members here in UK to live their life as per Islamic values and principles

With your help we want to make things better for our future generation by giving them all support to learn about Islam and importance of being a Muslim.

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