About Us

In 1998 families of Malayalee Muslim Community in London started organising informal social gatherings for Islamic festivals (EID) and Ramadan, which later expanded to have regular Quran classes held at homes. In 2002 The group decided to formally establish this as an association of Keralite Muslims in UK. Malayalee Muslim Cultural and Welfare Association was registered as a charity in 2004 with the main objective of providing social, religious and cultural support to Malayalee Muslim Community in UK.

Aims and Objectives

Our UK Charity Registration number is 1110774

What we offer

MMCWA was established in the UK with an intention of bringing all members of Malayalee Muslim Community under one umbrella providing religious awareness to the families specially young members by organising classes and meetings imparting Islamic teachings. Our aim is to ensure they understand and value their religious background and live their life in a fulfilling way meeting their obligations as true Muslim.


With the main aim as above, MMCWA also undertakes various charitable activities helping people to cope with unexpected disasters. MMCWA raised funds to support people across the World sending money through various charities to help in relief works, in 2007 for Bangladesh cyclone relief through Muslim Aid, in 2010 for Pakistan flood relief through Islamic Relief and for Haiti earthquake relief through DEC, in 2011 for Somalia emergency relief through Islamic Relief and in 2014 for Gaza relief works. In 2018 raised more than £ 10,000 for Kerala Flood Relief and handed over to Keral Government for use in relief efforts. In 2008, 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2018 money raised and provided support to families of the deceased within the community in need of financial support. Since 2004, for every Ramadan MMCWA members donate to special regular fund and forward to Government Leprosy Hospital in Koratti, Kerala, India to use in patient care. During Ramadan 2019 MMCWA raised £ 2,660 Zakat Fund and distributed to four Zakat eligible causes, three of which to people in need of urgent financial support to meet medical expenses.


Why"Malayalee Muslim"?

We understand the word "Malayalee Muslim" is confusing because Muslims all over the world are "one" and dividing them by country, region or language is wrong. We named the association this way because many of our classes and speeches are imparted in "Malayalam", the regional language of Kerala, India. Also it is more convenient to have a small manageable group from a section of community getting together who share same religious background and hails from same geographical area and speak same regional language. This doesn't in any way means we are not integrating into the community as a whole. We never close our doors to anyone wishing to join us for our events and activities, and we encourage our members to attend functions and events organised by other community groups. We always insist our members to respect and have an understanding of other beliefs and religions.



Aims and Objectives

As a registered charity established to support Keralite Muslim Community in UK we are working towards procuring a property to use as an activity centre for carrying out our charitable objectives. Please help us to achieve this objective. Please click here.


Helping Us

Please help us by donating for our Property Fund in order to provide a centre. Please send donations to: MMCWA, 26 Watford Way, Hendon, London NW3 4AD. You may donate by regular Standing Order. Please get form here

Youth Wing

Our youngsters organise Islamic study circle meetings, youth career training and sports activities regularly. All 12 to 24 year olds are encouraged to be part of this group. Please contact us

Forthcoming Events

For more information about our forthcoming events, please click here.