MMCWA Events

MMCWA is working towards a better social and religious environment for the Malayalee Muslim Community in UK by constantly trying to organise events which will meet aspirations of the community. Apart from organising celebration gatherings for Eid and Iftaar, regular gatherings are organised monthly in London as Islamic family evenings for families to come together for a meal followed by listening to Islamic talks.

Annual gatherings are organised on a bigger scale to accommodate Malayalee Muslim families across UK to get together and enjoy an evening meeting and greeting each other and watching various cultural programs performed by children and adults from their own Community. Other Communities are invited and encouraged to participate for these events.     


Next Event -  COVID-19 - All events cancelled until further notice, please watch webinars live or recorded on MMCWA's YouTube channel

Announcement (March 2020):  MMCWA is ensuring its Community's safety and good health based on UK Government's updates on precautions everyone to follow against COVID-19 spread within the Society. We are therefore cancelling all scheduled events until further notice.  Please click on "COVID-19 updates" link to see regular updates and advise. We are now organising webinars via Zoom with talks by Islamic scholars, health professionals etc. on various topics useful to the community. Next webinar is on Sunday 3rd May from 5.30 to 7.30pm UK time. These can be watched live or recorded on our YouTube Channel, "MMCWA Community" on link:

Except AGM & Family Cultural Evening most of our events are free to attend so that everyone can get together and enjoy socialising as a community. From December 2019 MMCWA started organising regular weekend classes for youngsters at our Centre in Northolt, North London.

Please register your details so that we can send you notification of event. This way you will not miss any of our events. Please send your contact details by email to:


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